Alex Aiono + William Singe Concert


Alex Aiono and William Singe

I’m obsessed. I may be a little too old to be obsessed. My cousin called me an old perv.  These guys are super young, but I totally fangirl to their music. Frankly, there will come a time in everyone’s life where musical artists will be younger than us, and we just have to accept it. And I do. I’m older than Lady Gaga. When she came out, I was like, shit yeah, times are changing.

These guys, (two solo artists, touring together) are known for their covers of songs on Youtube. But they both actually produce their own original music. And William Singe is actually signed to RCA. And was previously in a boy band. Alex Aiono has also been on tour opening for The Wanted, etc. They’ve got some credentials. Legit.

That being said, when my friend found out they were coming to the U Street Music Hall, we clearly jumped at the chance to see them live. To prepare for their show, we listened to the playlist on repeat. Then I mentally prepared to be out late, on a weeknight.

I couldn’t avoid the mom mentality. After work, I headed to my girlfriend’s house. She did my makeup (what, what to an awesome eyeliner trick that I will probably forget by the time I am ready to wear eyeliner again) and then we got into her car and DROVE into DC because we also decided we were not going to waste time with public transportation.

Lucky us, we got parking right in front of the venue (free!) and a tasty burger to fuel before stepping into the long line of young (dare I say prepubescent?) girls and their moms. I was one beer in and super mellow. Much needed because it was still cold outside and crowds of teen/early twenties pushing and cutting in line. There even was a half-assed attempt at being slick about slipping in in front of us. “Oh, thanks for saving our spot in line”.

The old scrappy doo Miemo would have said something, but the chill 30 something mama in me was like, whatever, we are all going to the same place. Once getting inside it was general admission so of course everyone was squeezing to get to the front of the stage. I opted for the balcony wings…oh man J did I ruin your experience with my old lady ways?

Either way, the concert was AMAZING. They were even better live. Though I did get uncomfortable when Alex was trying to body roll and the girlies were squealing. And when the two of them did their cover mashups together. All the heart eyes. Such talent, so young. Will even had a positive message to these kids about working hard for your dreams.

I mom chatted with a lady who brought her teen daughter and her friend and told her I hope to be as awesome as her one day. She basically kept her kid in her line of sight the whole time but gave them their space to wild out while she sipped on her wine glass and read news on her phone. She told me it is all about giving them their space but letting them know you are always there.

Overall it was a good night and an awesome concert. I am SOOOO glad to be able to share it with one of my close girlfriends, she keeps me young. Hehe. 

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