We’re in the Real Suburbs Now

It’s been really quiet around here at the blog. I know. Life has changed so much. Hubs got a new job. I’m happy at my dream job. I decided to pursue a Masters degree and started my first semester. And the kicker? We moved. To the suburbs. Like real burbs. I mean, yes we were technically in the suburbs before. We lived in Alexandria, right outside of DC. But in our tiny little condo was walking distance from everything. I mean literally everything. Metro, theaters, shopping. You could get everything delivered to you. There was Amazon Prime Now. EVERYTHING.

Now, we live in a single family home that is 4x the size of our condo. And I have to adjust. I’ve never ever lived in a neighborhood like this before. I’m talking SUVs, beautiful blonde stay at home moms, friendly neighbors, and cookie cutter communities. Does anyone remember the opening sequence to the show Weeds? That’s what it feels like. The area we moved to sounds like a faraway land, but it’s quickly developing and up and coming. I’m still waiting for a cute mom + pop type coffee shop to open up, but for now, I’ve just been drinking Chick Fil A frozen coffees (Cold brew mixed with vanilla ice cream, a milkshake type of concoction and I’m addicted).

The neighbors have been very welcoming and nice so far. Word on the street is that people get the itch to move out at around 6-7 years, so a couple of surrounding neighbors are leaving soon, or have their house for sale. So we can’t get too attached. The kids are super friendly, and it is the type of neighborhood where the kids just run around in the streets until dark. It seems like a great place for my kid to grow up.

Even though 2 of my best friends live out here, I still feel a little lonely and a little bit of an outcast. We are quite a bit further out from my family, my brothers don’t just pop up any ol’ time anymore. I can’t hop from my door into my neighbor’s home for a quick whiskey (or have her hand me a plate of Chinese food because she ordered too much takeout) anymore.

While I am going to be open-minded and get adjusted to the new town and people, I felt like it would be a good time to spin up the old blog again. Then I can chronicle my adventures as a tattooed, full time working mom, that drives a sports wagon instead of an SUV and is a little foul mouthed and sarcastic.

Wish me luck.

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Miemo is a bujo junkie and a food enthusiast. She is a full-time working mama, living in the DC Metro area with her doting husband, silly baby, and lovey lapdog pitbull.

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