The New New

As much as people want to keep it chill and act like they are above resolutions, and as the Robert Downey Jr. meme puts it, “New Year, New Me Bull Shit”, I don’t mind it. Sometimes we do need a fresh start, and it feels even FRESHER when that day is 1/1, you know?

This blog isn’t going to be new. Nope. It’s going to be the same type of content as before, food, life and random thoughts. Why mess with a good formula. But you are probably wondering why all my content is gone. When I started this blog 2011 in after Maman passed, I had no idea who my audience was, well other than my cousin Cece in France. I was writing to keep track of my adventures and sharing content with her.

Then thanks to friends, social media, and new readers, my blog grew and grew…and got hacked. I’ve fixed it since then, but it just never performed the same. So I decided to start over. Fresh content, more security, and cleaner (on the backend). Maybe even better pictures. (Ha, the struggle is real trying to use my Rebel T3i). Jk I will stick to pics from my iPhone 7. That’s supposed to be a good camera right? Maybe I will shoot my (forever in progress) cookbook with it. Hah.

What will be new is the Cookbook Challenge. More content on my bullet journal obsession. Oh and maybe updates on some of my favorite recipes. Thanks for sticking around. And also…

Happy New Year! Welcome, 2017. Let’s make it the best year yet!

More about Miemo

Miemo is a bujo junkie and a food enthusiast. She is a full-time working mama, living in the DC Metro area with her doting husband, silly baby, and lovey lapdog pitbull.