Louisana Crawfish Boils in VA

Not sure if you know this about me, but I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Yes, I’ve lived in VA longer than I have Louisiana, but I’m hanging on to those roots! Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday to host and I love me some Cajun food. One of my most favorite things ever is CRAWFISH boils. There are plenty of restaurants in the area that sell these fancy sauced up crawfish you can buy by the pound in a bag. But NOTHING beats a good ol’, at home, boil.

You grab a sack of crawfish (about 30 lbs) then gather your friends around a newspaper covered table. Boil it up, and then everyone is twisting tails, and sucking heads. Don’t forget the juicy mushrooms, succulent corn ears, potatoes and andouille sausage. Everyone’s lips will be burning but they are still smiling and enjoying each other’s company. That literally warms, and swell my heart.

Since we’ve moved into a single-family house in the suburbs, we FINALLY have a place to host our own boils. Before this, I used to lug my pot around to my friends’ houses and cook boils there. Since we’ve lived here, we’ve already had THREE BOILS. I’m SO HAPPY. I’m also happy that can actually cook the family’s “secret” recipe boil. I don’t think there really is a secret to it. I’ve watched some videos and its basically the same thing, but no, I will not share the recipe. Hahaha. Its a very special experience for me, and I don’t want to show someone else how to make it, because then I won’t get to make it for them anymore. 

Selfish, I know.

My cousins came to visit this month from Columbus, OH and they also grew up in Louisiana and haven’t had it in a while so they asked to have a boil while they are here (as well as go on a jeep adventure) My cousin had been craving it for a really long time and I’m so glad that I could make that “dream” come true. I really don’t have many pictures, my hands and everyone else’s hands were dirty.

People ask me all the time where I order my crawfish from, well here is the answer: Lousiana Crawfish Company. I’ve ordered from them since 2011, and they have great customer service and the crawfish always come happy. The most I’ve ordered from them is 100 lbs. Yes. Sorry, you weren’t invited, this was back in 2013. Hahah. Too bad there isn’t some kind of affiliate program because I would totally share a personalized link! But nope, this is not a sponsored post. Just sharing the good good. I always order their “select” size. Enjoy!



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