Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

Ok, I know, they’ve BEEN back. I have been fortunate enough to see them twice since they’ve been back as ya know, middle-aged men dancing around on stage. Yet I still feel like a teenager again when I see them. They are currently on their DNA world tour. Now that I live in the boonies, the hike to the city is much harder. I had to drive to my old condo in Alexandria, and park there, then my friend/former neighbor and I ubered from there to the Capital One Arena. PS. I still call it the Verizon Center.

Before we headed into the concert, we stopped over at Clyde’s to have a few whiskeys and got to talk to and meet other BSB fans. In case you didn’t know, I love whiskey. And this was my chance to try out ones I haven’t had before. It has been confirmed that I DO NOT, like rye. And Tullamore Dew has a great commercial, but WOMP. Not a fan. And sorry Whistlepig. Cool bottle though.

The concert was GREAT as expected. They are definitely still having fun. Also, fun fact, Backstreet boys was my first concert… I believe it was in 1997, and when I had to call long distance to a box office to order tickets OVER THE PHONE. Nuts. Times have changed. You know I even think seats were on a first come first serve basis, so I didn’t even know where were seats were going to be until the tickets were MAILED to me. Yes. Paper tickets that I didn’t print myself.

I had so much fun, I don’t even think I sat down once. I forgot how much fun concerts are. Who’s next?! Taylor Swift? Jonas Brothers? Is NKOTB still performing? Sucks that she couldn’t go with us but thank you so much to my friend Megan, who got us the tickets. She couldn’t go because she got sick.

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