Good Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Wow, this year went by like a flash of a lightning. I didn’t even get to blog as much as I wanted to. But that’s only because we were just so busy (in a good way) with adventures and life. I do miss blogging, and I’ve finally started cooking regularly so I am ready to spin this thing up again. Thanks for everyone who still stuck with me (by hanging out on my instagram) and keeping in touch. I totally love instagram stories and use that regularly. Come say hi!
Like everyone else, I really like that I could get a compiled image of my most liked pictures on instagram. I wanted to take it up a notch and use it to recap the year.
Left to right:
  1. We are officially parents of a toddler. Our 2 year old brings us so much joy and tests our patience on a regular, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This picture was from her Minnie Mouse photoshoot.
  2. This is a picture from our wedding day. We’ve been married 3 years!
  3. 6 years ago, the day after Mother’s Day, I lost my maman. I had to learn how to be a mother without my biological mother.
  4. Me and my mini me realize we have matching dresses and had a twirl off
  5. For her second birthday, we took her to Disney World! She had the time of her life, meeting her favorite character Minnie Mouse! We also took a day off to head to the beach to put out rose petals for Maman for Mother’s Day.
  6. I chopped off all my hair! About 16 inches? Give or take? This is my second and final time donating my hair. Now I’ve decided to keep a short and added some highlights (balayage). Gotta avoid that mom bun. At least try to!
  7. My baby blew out her first candles (the first cake was a smash cake).
  8. Definitely a water baby. She asked to go to the beach and the pool and could live there if we let her.
  9. Letting my little one help me work on my car. Gotta start them young!
We had an amazing year, full of travels, trying new things and hitting the next stage of parenthood. I look forward to see what 2018 will bring!

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Miemo is a bujo junkie and a food enthusiast. She is a full-time working mama, living in the DC Metro area with her doting husband, silly baby, and lovey lapdog pitbull.

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  1. Rose

    What a beautiful family! Happy New Year and cheers to more great things ahead!


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