Spatchcock Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken is probably the easiest thing you could cook for meal prep. Okay that sounds like a bold statement. Maybe just a “pretty easy, healthy” meal option then? The best way to roast a chicken, in my opinion is to spatchcock that sucker. What’s spatchcocking you ask? It’s when you cut down the spine of the whole chicken and open it up flat so that all the skin is facing up.

What’s so great about spatchcocking you ask? Well aside from the fact that spatchcock is fun to say, it cooks evenly, and you don’t have to flip the bird. Get it, flip the bird? I crack myself up. Anyway, yeah, you don’t have to flip the bird (haha) and the skin is all crispy.

Since this is a cooking method, you could really season the chicken how you want to. Rub it down with butter and herbs, maybe use your favorite marinade, whatever you want. When I made it recently, I made a rub of kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, lemon zest, thyme, and rosemary.

I haven’t been active in the kitchen in a while so we won’t talk about the disaster my last roast chicken was. But this chicken I served with roasted broccoli and quinoa cooked in chicken stock mixed with sauteed mushrooms and spinach.

Meal prepping can sometimes feel overwhelming. You have to choose a dish that tastes good “leftover” and I hate leftovers. Most, if not all of the meal preps, are for my husband. While technically the aren’t “leftovers”, if they have to be reheated, it’s got that leftover vibe to me! However, I do like the extra time I have on weekday evenings to just hang out or unwind.

Do you guys meal prep? What are some of your favorite dishes? Pinterest seems to be an overwhelming place for me to delve into for ideas. Pinterest fail is real over here guys.

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