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I’m a graphic designer, and digital media strategy consultant by day and a kitchen ninja by night. And a mama above all else. The squad (Hubs, baby, and pup) and I live in the DC Metro area in a small condo that probably has more kitchen equipment than anything else. I used to have a mama blog too, journaling motherhood until she hit 2, but let it go and will focus on one chaotic blog of all things life.

This blog has ACTUALLY been around since 2011. My archived content can be found here. More on why I started over, here.

For Maman

I started this blog after my mother passed away. A big part of my upbringing revolved around food. The most time I spent bonding with my Maman was in the kitchen. As a stay at home mom, she made every meal from scratch…I didn’t know coconut milk came in cans until I started cooking for myself. Guys, this woman made coconut milk, from actual coconuts. She showed her love through food, and I picked up that same passion. She was the best cook,  and in my mind, my mom’s version of anything was the ABSOLUTE GREATEST.

Cooking makes me feel closer to her, even though she’s been gone for a few years. I have a daughter now and it pains me to know that she will never know her grandmother, or taste the love that came from her cooking. I can only hope that I can recreate the flavors and love my mom did and pass the comfort and feeling on to her.

The Cookbook

To do that, I’ve been working on creating a cookbook of Maman’s recipes to pass on to my daughter. It’s been 5+ years, and I am nowhere near done. Cut me some slack, you know moms from that generation didn’t use recipes, didn’t measure anything and didn’t write anything down. I’m basically starting at zero, with only my 25+years of memories to comb through.

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